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Hawk Digital is the leading ECommerce digital marketer agency globally, and we have the results to back up that statement. Thanks to our Hawk web designer and top SEO staff team, we will help you boost your bottom line with an SEO strategy that is mainly built for your business. With our search engine optimization and web designing services, you can start attracting more qualified and quality search traffic to your ECommerce website right away and convert them into your business profit.

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What are the Perks of our ECommerce Services?

Our Ecommerce Service is a multi-faceted process, which is why our ECommerce services include several other benefits such as:

Customized E-Commerce SEO Service [Targeted Keywords]

Secondary Keyword Research and Optimization

Website Designing

Dedicated Online project Management Team

Complete Product Optimization

Professionally Written SEO Blog Posts & Articles

Social Media Paid Promotion

Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. Ads Creation.

Complete Google Analytics Setup

Weekly & Monthly Report

Website Design

Embarking on your online selling journey through digital marketing requires precision in attracting the right kind of clientele. This involves having the correct products or content infused with relevant keywords.

In the realm of ECommerce, effective SEO for your store is crucial. It necessitates the inclusion of informative content with descriptive language that is easily understandable, aiding swift rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. The higher likelihood of discovery is tied to aligning your website’s content with the keywords customers use in their searches.

However, the challenge lies in deciding which keywords to incorporate and ensuring there’s sufficient space for the various phrases needed. Initiating the eCommerce SEO process involves carefully selecting target keywords or phrases for your products.

Here’s an insight into how Hawk Digital initiates the ECommerce process for our clients and what you can expect from our in-house team of ECommerce specialists:


Keyword Researching

Prior to crafting or implementing any changes to your website, it’s crucial to identify the keywords that will propel your ECommerce business forward. Our process begins with an in-depth analysis of your products, and we present a curated list of keywords for your approval.

Keyword research is a pivotal step for the success of any online business, be it ECommerce or blogs, as keywords or key phrases play a vital role.

Equipped with the market’s best research tools for keyword analysis, we delve into metrics such as keyword traffic, density, CPC, etc. We examine the top websites ranking for those keywords, curating a list of primary and secondary keywords or key phrases to ensure quality.

Your company’s unique qualities can benefit various aspects of your ECommerce SEO. For instance, if you invest in content marketing, we can craft blog entries targeting different keywords. As we develop a comprehensive plan for your organization, keyword discovery remains a fundamental component of our ECommerce services.

Following this step, we proceed to formulate a strategic plan for a seamless and uninterrupted workflow.


Start Designing

In this step, our Website Designing team starts working on building your dream eCommerce store website. Here our experts will first hear all your needs and make a document where the needs will be listed on your approval they start designing. If you have your custom designing, you can also share with them to make your dream come true. 

In this step, our Website Designing team starts working on building your dream eCommerce store website. Here our experts will first hear all your needs and make a document where the needs will be listed on your approval before they start designing. If you have your custom design, you can also share it with them to make your dream come true. 


Start Designing


Keyword Implementation

This step is crucial for ranking. In this section, we start implementing all the keywords or key phrases on your ECommerce website simultaneously with Web Designing. We use your primary keywords on different sections so that crawlers can easily crawl your web pages and browse rank your website. 

  • Homepages
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Data or Meta Description
  • Permalinks
  • Product Description
  • Product Image ALT tag
  • Canonical Tags

and much more

If you opt to choose our copywriting services for ECommerce SEO. In that case, you will be working with our professional team of content writers who specialize in various fields or niches, including industrial, retailing, automobiles, electronics, etc. We generate content material that is well-written and compatible with your brand and ranks on those keywords which you have, and we together decided.


Product Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is required for each and every webpages on your website, whether it’s a single product or more. It’s difficult to think of anything more crucial to optimize in an eCommerce store than product descriptions and pages. Product pages are essential because they are the most likely to rank for highly specialized google searches.

There are high chances that your website will rank on “long-tail keywords or long-tail key phrases” because the keyword density of such keywords is less and has high traffic. Hawk Digital will mainly focus on such keywords. 

We’ll ensure that each one of your product pages has a catchy title and a description or two of keyword-rich text that summarizes your product to guarantee that they rank high on google search results. It’s really a good idea to add their model number (if applicable) so that you appear in searches for that as well. 

Images of the products you’re selling should also be included on your product pages. Because users and search engines crawlers both benefit from images. Your product images will give customers a sense of scale for your products, from their size to their color and other applications. Your product images provide search engines with information about the context of each product page.

We optimize all your images so that they rank quickly on any search browsers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Because search crawlers depend on the image search files and we will optimize that files.

We will analyze all your product pages in-depth to ensure that you aren’t missing essential crucial SEO elements. 

Search Engine Optimization is indispensable for every webpage on your website, whether it’s a single product or more. When it comes to an eCommerce store, few elements are as critical to optimize as product descriptions and pages. Product pages are pivotal, especially since they are most likely to rank for highly specialized Google searches.

Focusing on ‘long-tail keywords or phrases,’ where the keyword density is lower but the traffic is high, Hawk Digital places a primary emphasis on optimizing such keywords. We ensure each product page boasts a compelling title, along with one or two keyword-rich descriptions summarizing your product, ensuring high rankings on Google search results. Adding the model number, if applicable, enhances visibility in relevant searches.

Inclusion of product images on your pages is crucial. These images not only provide users with a visual understanding of your products but also offer valuable context to search engine crawlers. By optimizing all your images, we ensure they swiftly rank on popular search browsers like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., as search crawlers rely on image search files.

Our meticulous approach involves a comprehensive analysis of all your product pages, ensuring no essential SEO elements are overlooked.


Product Optimization


Inpage Search Optimization

Optimizing your ECommerce website’s user-friendly is also part of SEO. Even if you sell a wide range of items, you need to have easy-to-use web pages. We’ll ensure that every page has its own section or category and that every top-level page has a connection from someplace in your navigation and search box. 

It’s also crucial that your navigation system is simple to use and grasp. If you don’t have optimized searches, you will notice that visitors are perplexed and leave as soon as they come to your ECommerce store. 

Obviously, why should people remain on that website if they can’t find what they’re looking for? This rapid exit is often termed a “bounce rate,” defined by Google, and quick leave might result in a greater bounce rate which will affect your ranking.

We will link almost every web page to the category and interlink with other products so that Google Search Crawlers index your pages quickly and get ranked ASAP.


Website Content Creation

Our content writing team will then generate engaging SEO content for your website on different keywords so that your ECommerce store can rank on other keywords as well. There are several ways to create content: a blog, articles; press releases; and even ebooks. 

The content marketing strategy has two objectives: firstly, to provide more data for search results to crawl for different keywords and phrases, and secondly, to communicate with potential consumers that your company is knowledgeable and trustworthy. 

The best thing is that content marketing has been shown to increase conversion rates for websites. Because? You’re providing value to people by providing original and informative content, whether it’s through answering their queries or providing direction for good products.

More than 60% of customers appreciate businesses that generate personalized content, which might also help your eCommerce store stand out from the competition. This is why companies that use content marketing will double their conversions compared to firms that don’t generate content. 

Several eCommerce companies opt to create a blog as part of their content marketing strategy. Blogs can be small or large, with one post per month or several postings per day. You might find it easier to focus on one or two postings every week for your online store, and we will help you with that. One can write about anything that your consumers would find interesting, such as industry trends or new goods.

Our proficient content writing team takes charge, generating compelling SEO content for your website targeting various keywords, ensuring your ECommerce store ranks across a spectrum of searches. Content creation takes various forms, including blogs, articles, press releases, and even ebooks.

The dual objectives of our content marketing strategy are twofold: firstly, to offer additional data for search results to crawl for different keywords and phrases; and secondly, to establish a connection with potential consumers, showcasing your company’s knowledge and trustworthiness.

The beauty of content marketing lies in its proven ability to boost conversion rates for websites. How? By delivering value to individuals through original and informative content, whether by answering their queries or guiding them towards quality products.

With over 60% of customers valuing businesses that generate personalized content, incorporating content marketing can set your eCommerce store apart from the competition. Companies employing content marketing have demonstrated a doubling of conversions compared to those that don’t.

As part of this strategy, many eCommerce companies choose to establish a blog. Blogs can vary in size and frequency, ranging from one post per month to several posts per day. For your online store, focusing on one or two weekly postings might be ideal, and we’re here to assist. Topics can range from industry trends to new products, ensuring your content is engaging and relevant to your consumers.


Website Content Creation



Nowadays, competition increases, and everybody needs quick results and sales, i.e., every ECommerce store owner needs to promote their products on different platforms such as social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you choose our promotion gig, we will run your advertisements on various platforms to generate more sales and more profits.

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