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Improve Your Website Health With Professional Website Auditing Service

Our complete website auditing is the quickest and most effective technique to figure out why your website isn’t ranking or if are there some errors that are affecting your website’s health. Our website auditing services are completely transparent and look at the technical, on-page, and off-page SEO, errors will be removed from your website, etc.

Our Website Auditing Services Will Tailored Your Website Needs

Are you at the #1 Position in Search Results? Or Is your website delivering you the results you want? Or do you have the notion that it is working against you, or even worse? No, then get our Professional Website Auditing Service. 

If you’ve come this far, you’re aware that it’s in desperate need of professional assistance. But what exactly is it?

If you hire us we will do complete website auditing and we’ll find out every error that affects your website’s health & ranking. We’ll look at all the ways your website might be enhanced to help your company succeed.

Your website will be at the top of the priority list for care and affection because it is your company’s most valuable marketing asset.

It will repay you tenfold or even more if you handle it properly.

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Areas We Cover In Our Website Auditing Services

seo auditing

A complete website SEO auditing is a specialised technique that examines a website and its search engine optimization campaign by applying various SEO audit services (On-Page, Off-Page, backlinks, etc), tools, checklists, and other norms. An SEO auditing may also be used to produce a list of a website’s weak areas, action items, and how to fix them.

Furthermore, an on-page audit is frequently utilized to acquire precise information and facts that a firm needs in order to make improvements to its SEO strategy and improve outcomes. Our search engine inspection service covers everything you’d receive from a brief & swift audit, but it goes considerably deeper with more comprehensive tools. To put it another way, our search audit gives you with a thorough examination that includes over 75+ distinct areas. The exact number of areas varies based on the website niches, targeting audience, etc.

security auditing

Do you want to be sure that your website is completely safe from hackers? Or wanted to make your website more secure. Hackers are becoming extremely advanced, employing malware, spyware, phishing, ransomware, and other forms of malware. As a busy company, you don’t have time to check everything thoroughly. So, at Hawk Digital you will receive a full security inspection of your website as well as your hosting server if you acquire our complete security audit services.

Our professionals will recommend and implement the most effective security solutions, such as antivirus software, password policies, frequent backups, encryption, two-factor authentication, access rights auditing, and so on.


How are your visitors interacting with your website? Is it simple to use and accomplish their objectives? Is it compatible with the usability guidelines? These questions will be answered by our UX and UI audit services.

The user experience on the website is determined by UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design. UX design is more concerned with the whole experience of the users, whereas UI design is more concerned with the function of visual elements present on the website.

Allow our UX and UI designers to provide a thorough analysis of this, as well as a set of practical recommendations for improving digital experiences and increasing conversions on your website. If you want to engage customers on your website for longer, you need to provide them with a good user experience.

webite loading optimization

Website Loading Speed is the most crucial ranking criterion for any website and an important consideration when it comes to user experience. No one enjoys waiting, and excessively long load times will reduce user interest and increase the chances of leaving instead of staying. This instant leaving affects your domain authority and decreases your search engine ranking.  We do a speed test on your website and make recommendations and solve those errors which affect your website loading speed and work on how to make it load faster.

keyword & content optimization

In search engine result pages, quality content has always been a major ranking factor. In addition, intriguing content is important for increasing visitor engagement and conversions. We will do a strategic evaluation of all your top-level pages. We employ cross-referencing to confirm that the keywords you choose are relevant to the actual search phrases which customers would use to locate your product or service. We’re also looking for new, interesting & relevant content in the form of blogs, news updates, articles, and white papers on a regular basis.

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