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Lop.net can now generate more leads with their New & Beautiful Website Design and get 100% growth in Local SEO.

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The Challenge

Lop.net is an experienced salesforce consultant and it is a very competitive dynamic industry, so the WordPress Website should reflect this dynamic nature.

Lop.net Salesforce Consultant contacted Hawk Digital to understand how they should enhance their existing SEO techniques and boost organic web traffic. The fact that their previous site was not being regularly maintained with fresh material, which was one of the major concerns.

So, we did Website Design, Logo Design, and SEO for them to create their online presence. Their initial website was out of current and misrepresented their company’s ability to offer high-quality consultancy. If you look now at their website it looks perfect as a professional. 

The Plan

We Redesign the website from the worst to best.

To enhance user involvement and search engine visibility, we create a media-rich blog with dozens of interesting and original content posts.

Launch a complete SEO strategy to improve website Google ranking and attract traffic from search engines optimization.

We also created a brand logo for them. 

Create a mobile-friendly version of the site to drive traffic from all channels

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