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9 Tips for Working and Studying from Home

9 Tips for Working and Studying from Home

9 Tips for Working and Studying from Home

With the pandemic going on and everyone working or studying from home, things can get really cumbersome. Here are 9 Tips for Working and Studying from Home. 

Keep track and follow these tips to stay fresh, happy, healthy, and productive.

#1 Get Dressed

You need to get dressed as if you are going to work on any normal day. Similarly, dress up even when you work from home. The psychology of starting the day as a workday is what this tip for working from home is all about.

Start the day as close to a daily normal routine. Get up and get out of bed, exercise,  shower, have breakfast. Staying in pajamas all day will make you very lazy. 

#2 Create Your Comfort Space

Make sure the space you use is comfortable and has everything you need. Keep the place well lit and well ventilated.

Space should be such that it allows you to concentrate and at the same time must not put you to sleep. Check out and read articles that suggest how you can look good in a video call.

#3 Organize Your Time 

Plan, coordinate, and set your day up so you can use your time effectively.

Check and schedule meetings in such a way that you have time to do the household chores and spend some quality time with yourself or your family. 

Motivation and productivity is the key takeaway of the tip of working or studying from home. Make a to-do list, put the tasks you prioritize on top, and keep checking off the list as you complete each task. This can be a great motivator.

#4 Goal Setting

To be motivated and productive it is best that the goals you set in your to-do list are realistic and achievable. Make sure that you organize the work according to the time you have. If you set unrealistic goals and fail to achieve them, then you are prone to be demotivated.

#5 Minimize distractions 

It is obviously impossible to have zero distractions while working online and from home. Try to MINIMIZE those distractions as eliminating them would be impossible.

Multitasking can also not be productive for many people and can lead to frustration and both the tasks being incomplete. Try to focus on one work at a time. Switch off your notifications and plan some time during the day when you can address them. Also, talk to your family and let them know the times when you are busy and should not be disturbed.

#6 Take Breaks

Regular breaks are proven to improve productivity. Even when working from home, take breaks. Make sure that you are aware of the break time.

Keep the breaks the same as a normal time during a workday.

Physical activities and regular movement are also good for maintaining your mental health and overall wellbeing.

#7 Go Digital

Take full advantage of the various technologies available that help you connect with fellow workers. Use videos and DMs to communicate. Make sure you are fully present when working.

#8 Stay Connected

Try to stay connected and get together with your colleagues once in a while. It is very important to remind yourself that we are all working together for a common goal. 

You can connect and talk to each other about the problems you are facing and how things are going outside of work. 

#9 The Finale, Look After Yourself 

Never forget to look after yourself. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep. Create a clear separation between work life from home and home-life. Also, be careful of the type of news you are consuming. This can help you stay healthy mentally.