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What Does a SEM Specialist Do?


What Does a SEM Specialist Do?

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the use of search engines for the marketing of a business. Two ways of SEM are organic traffic (SEO) and paid traffic (PPC). Now that we know what SEM is, What Does an SEM Specialist Do?

An SEM specialist is someone who has an understanding of search engine rankings that is needed to devise a strategy. The strategy is developed such that it brings in both organic and paid search engine rankings. This helps promote the company, bringing in more visitors to the website and building brand identity.

SEM specialists optimize processes by managing and testing various marketing campaigns. SEM specialists help bring in more revenue and help increase the company’s ROI. 

Educational Requirements.

The educational requirements of an SEO specialist may vary as it is a new field. The least requirement would be a Bachelor’s degree, with some relevant experience.

Salary Expectation and Job outlook

$46,253 is the average expected salary for an SEM specialist. $34,000falls at the lower end, $46,000 at the median, and $66,000 at the top of the list. If skilled enough, SEM specialists get promoted to SEM Managers who have a salary of $61,000. Currently, the demand for SEM specialists is relatively high and rising.

Skills Required for an SEM Specialist

Organizational skills

You must be comfortable handling multiple projects in one go. You’ll also be facing deadlines concurrently. Healthy and clean organizational skills are necessary to keep track of the campaigns and deadlines. Multitasking and prioritizing various works is a must.

Tech Savvy

As an SEM specialist, you must know how to write HTML, work with CSS and perform basic web designing. Understanding how websites work is crucial to What an SEM Specialist Does.


SEM does not exist without Search Engine Optimization. You must have an in-depth understanding of how SEO works concerning web rankings. They must stay updated on analytics and current updates on various search engine platforms. SEM specialists must understand the importance of quality content and keyword analysis to improve site ranking and use the data to improve organic rankings.



While SEO is organic, PPC is the inorganic counterpart. Using PPC, along with SEO, is key to becoming a successful SEM specialist. 

Writing skills

Content writing is a beneficial skill for an SEM specialist. You may be required to create ad content, copy-paste or review content and write white papers.

Statistics and Data Analytics

Becoming an SEO specialist requires an analytical mind. You will be required to study web traffic analysis and keyword analytics and use analytical software to determine what virtually drives traffic.

Responsibilities of an SEM Specialist

Email Communication

Your day-to-day communication will mostly be via email. You will be regularly responding to clients and answering team member’s questions. 


SEM involves a lot of research. Researching keywords and search engine analytics will be a regular responsibility. You will also research competition and algorithms. 

Content creation

You will have free-lancers or creators for content creation handy. However, you must always purview it. If not creating content, coming up with ideas is also an excellent part for the job.


Search Engine Optimization is going to take up a lot of your time as an SEM specialist. Analyzing keywords, tweaking texts, outbound as well as inbound linking is a regular responsibility, 


Managing ad campaigns, researching keywords, adjusting targets, assessing feedback, looking at the big final picture, and making suitable changes.

Stats, Data and Analytics

Studying website traffic and using analytical software to determine what works best at driving traffic is an everyday job. Not just yours, but you will also analyze your competitors’ campaign in a similar way and use that data to drive a better and more successful campaign.


Is Becoming an SEM specialist your Career?

SEM is very tiresome as well as an exciting job. You will continuously be on the run, communicating via emails and attending client meetings. You shall have a team to work with. However, you might find yourself working alone too. Excellent communication skills, organizational skills and a tech-savvy and analytical mind for research, the Career if an SEM Specialist is definitely for you.

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