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Living at the pinnacle of the digital age, competition for e-commerce businesses is humongous. Digital Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce needs to be made in such a way that you capture the right customers looking for relevant products in the first search itself. Even the smallest product has a million options on the internet.

With e-commercial businesses growing exponentially every day, here are the 14 most reliable and effective Digital marketing Strategies for E-Commerce you can use to bring your business to the limelight:

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is an essential part of online business. If you want your website to be visible and relevant among the first few pages of a search engine, SEO is a necessity.

Keyword analytics and research can help with the SEO of your website. Keep your business ready with the relevant content and keywords to soar to the first position in the e-commerce competition. Connecting with a professional company like Hawk Digital can help you with keyword analytics and research.

Add videos:

Adding videos to specific products can boost the marketing of the same.

A video provides confidence to customers about the product. It can also show in action how the product works and its durability.

Reviews on Products:

Online reviews on products are responses from customers to buyers about the work they wish to buy.

Customer reviews on product pages can help gain the trust of potential buyers and improve the Digital marketing Strategies for E-Commerce in your business.

Leverage AI:

Artificial Intelligence can collect information and accurately predict how a customer may react.

The better the experience for your customer, it is more likely for them to return to your website.

You can use AI to improve your site and encourage conversions and loyalty.

It can also be used to strengthen back-end logistics.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing for e-commerce can include blog posts or even use e-books to encourage people to come and purchase at your website.

You can mention the specialities and how people can use your products which will give customers a reason to look at your site and buy the product. 

Social Media Marketing:

Social media can be significant leverage to promote your business for free. It can also give you a broader outreach and a new audience.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are the key platforms you should be looking at to promote your products as it provides not only a marketing platform but also a direct communication with the customer.


Bring in influencers to promote your products. You can even reach out to influencers who have your target audience.

The audience also trusts heavily on influencers than a new business.

Email Marketing:

With the right visuals and copywriting, you can deliver suggestions, product announcements and discounts to customers who are already interested in your product.

Personalization to the emails can provide a boost to your website visits and purchases.


Instagram, being a highly visual and auditory platform, has a massive engagement between users and brands.

If you make your account shoppable can give users a direct insight into products costs.

Google AdWords:

Google AdWords helps target specific keywords increasing your websites’ SEO. These ads are displayed above the search results giving your website an extra edge.

Connecting with a professional company like Hawk Digital can help you with keyword analytics and research.

Social Media Ads:

Social Media Ads work differently than Google Ads. Social Media ads do not cater to the audience based on keywords; instead, it connects using age, interests and location.

It tries to find the right audience for your product and tries to sell it to them.

These ads can significantly improve the Digital marketing Strategies for your E-Commerce business.

Promoted Pins:

Promoted Pins on Pinterest is the best combination of Social Media ads and google ads. It shows your pins on the right user’s feed when they search for relevant keywords.


Use re-targeting to keep customers aware of your products and services.

These customers can be people who have already purchased in your site or email subscribers.

Target Virtual Reality Technologies:

Augmented reality, a type of VR, is the best for e-commerce. You can use it for advertising your products in a picturesque and three-dimensional manner.


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