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5 Things Not to Say to Your Digital Marketing Manager


5 Things Not to Say to Your Digital Marketing Manager

One of the greatest obstacles many people face in digital jobs is that they didn’t originally expect to be employed in digital marketing. There is a rather diverse mix of people who make up digital marketing teams. Often there’s not even a digital media agency of its own. We give you 5 Things Not to Say to Your Digital Marketing Manager.

Irrespective of what the digital marketing situation looks like, there is one thing you should be sure of: if you wish to be competitive and be a member of the prestigious, extremely talented squad, you can never say any of the above to your Digital Marketing Boss.

1. We’re out of money

This is also the case in digital marketing departments, where the higher-ups struggle to see the need for digital marketing. It’s hard to believe in today’s modern world, but there are still low digital marketing budgets. Instead of thinking about running out of money, it may be easier to look out for your expenses.

It’s easy to lose track of spending, particularly when you’re using stuff like paying per click in your plan.

Here are a few ways to manage your spending more effectively:

  • Make sure you understand how PPC budgets work to make the best of your buck.
  • Get innovative with your content to make sure you re-use it consistently across all of your platforms.
  • Using your in-house tools to include information, speak to professionals in each market area, and exploit expertise to the consumers will be of assistance.
  • Don’t be afraid to look for influencers who would drive the brand free of charge.
  • Learn how to study items more efficiently, such as free photographs and footage, and build blogs and memes.
  • Get a deeper understanding of analytics so that you can make knowledgeable decisions on where to spend your scarce ad dollars best.
  • Be sure you use the best ad goals, so you don’t lose time and resources.
  • We’re out of money is one of the 5 Things Not to Say to Your Digital Marketing Manager.

2. Are you sure you want to go with PPC?

Not only could this one piss the boss off, but it could also make them reconsider why they hired you first. According to Blue Corona, for every $1 spent on Google Advertising, a business creates $2, and 63 per cent of people say they’re glad to click on a Google ad. PPC advertisements account for about 50 per cent more conversions than organic traffic.

And how could it be? PPC has an immense learning curve, and it needs a lot of time and commitment to get it right. It needs a lot of insight and a lot of time to make sure things are going as they should. If nobody in the department gets a PPC, lift your hand and offer to become an expert. It’s not a bad thing to take a course, because you’ll dramatically boost your marketability when it comes to making a career change.

3. Something must be wrong with our Facebook Chatbot

There are more opportunities than ever to connect and locate leads from clients. A lot of users have learned from using Facebook chatbot. It can work for you as well, but first of all, you’re going to want to learn just how it can help you and how to get the best out of it.

First and foremost, it only functions when you answer all the messages it produces. This can be done live, but there are other ways to make it more effective.

You should add a widget to your website so that people can talk with you. The widget will keep track of and archive certain messages as well as help you answer them. Messenger chatbots also allow you to auto-respond, so you don’t have to think about falling asleep at the turn. This will help you grab the leads and drive them into the transforming funnel’s next stage.

Messenger marketing, known as chat bursts, also outstrips email marketers with available rates as high as 70 per cent to 80 per cent compared to just 5 per cent to 10 per cent for email. So please put it in your digital marketing pipe and smoke it.

4. I don’t think we’re doing so well on our campaign

Says who it is? If you don’t know how to use analytics correctly, you’re dead in the sea. You better make sure you know how to prove that you are losing, or demonstrate that you are thriving in digital marketing.

There are a lot of free analytical resources, and you can know those inside and out. Your manager doesn’t have time to think about it, so he’s sure he’ll be in the mood to ask you how things are going someday.

According to Digitalis Magazine, analytics provides the following advantages:

  • Keyword insight to help drive traffic to your site
  • Insight into how your customers think when they shop or search
  • What channels you should be dedicating more time and money to
  • The quality of the pages on your site and channels and how they are working on getting people further towards the end of their customer journey
  • Key insight into trends that are keeping people with you and sending them away

5. Looks like we’re going to miss our lead targets—again

This expression is actually the wrong thing you can suggest because it’s going to eat in your bottom line. As digital marketers, you need to take advantage of the most popular digital strategies available for the next decade, including:

Gated content: Gated content produces between 19 per cent and 45 per cent unbounded conversions. Develop hard duty white papers and eBooks that people need to have access to. This method gathers email addresses for sales leads when continuing to improve skills. Larger, higher-quality material such as this can also be turned into bite-size bits to be re-used for other content.

Paid campaigns:  If you’re not one of the poor ones complaining about budget problems, a PPC initiative on a professional platform like LinkedIn is a perfect choice for B2B to lead. According to Hub Spot, 65 percent of B2B firms are getting new clients by LinkedIn paying to advertise.  


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