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How can you sell on Instagram?

How Can You Sell On Instagram

How Can You Sell On Instagram?

Marketers are beginning to leverage online marketing and its unique capabilities to target the right audience and potential customers. Using Instagram is a great way to sell your products and get to the right people. We give you tips on How can you sell on Instagram?

With more than four billion internet users, at least three billion of them use social media. 64% of the users on Instagram belong to the age group between 18- 34, so it is a great place to sell your products. If your target audience is a range of older people, Facebook is the place to be. 

Instagram is a very image-oriented platform. The main intention of creating Instagram was to instantly share photos and videos they shot on their mobile phones. It was an easy share platform, without the complexities of uploading or file transfer. Here is How you can sell on Instagram, along with shopping and setting up shopping features.

Selling on Instagram

If you have physical and tangible tools to sell, Instagram can be a great marketing platform. Instagram is curated to sell and deliver physical products. If you have a traveling agency or some similar service, it will be hard to sell the products on Instagram as customers can’t physically buy them; however, you can market them through pictures and videos. 

Ultimately, businesses that sell products have an edge on Instagram over those offering services.

Shopping on Instagram

The shopping features enable people to shop and buy products on Instagram. This is a handy feature as it helps eliminate the barriers to purchasing for the buyer and the vendor.

Previously, it wasn’t easy to just buy the products over Instagram. The buyer usually gets redirected to the business website, where they can pay and purchase the product. Seems normal, but this process can interrupt the flow of purchasing of the product by customers. It can lead to loss of interest by customers and potential sales.

With Shopping on Instagram, the vendor’s Instagram storefront is brought to the customer to quickly and easily complete their purchase. The interference is eliminated, providing a comfortable investment. This is how you can sell on Instagram.   


Setting up the Shopping Feature

1.  Create a Shopify store

The Instagram storefront works seamlessly with the Shopify store as it’s the interface is designed and curated that way. 

2.  Check National Eligibility

If your store is based in regions of the world other than the US or Canada, you need to make sure your store qualifies for the shopping feature.

3. Create your Facebook channel

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it is best to have a Facebook channel to ensure complete data compatibility.

4. Create Business Account

After following the above steps, make sure you turn your Instagram account into a business one, which is very different from a standard user account.

5. Link sales channel and Shopify store

Finally, you can link your Instagram sales with the Shopify store. With the interactions between the two accounts, there is no need to worry about customer transaction processing.

Instagram stories

You can sell on Instagram using e-commerce selling features on Instagram stories. The stories feature is best to sell the time-limited products as they last for 24 hours only. Features like e-commerce Tags are also built into stories so people can tap on tags to make an easy purchase.


To make your company and its products eye-catching and pop on Instagram, images are significant. Instagram is all about the pictures, so beautiful and striking pictures are received well among the people.

Investing in excellent marketing photography for your products will never be a wrong decision if you are selling them on Instagram.

Do not be dull! Instagram is all about catching the eye and being interactive. These tips on Selling on Instagram will undoubtedly boost sales for your product if you are engaging and interactive on the platform.

Present the products in the best light and leverage the great e-commerce features on Instagram.

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